Basic Systems

Here are snapshots of the systems we've inherited by camping at what is called 'leasehold 12'

Two compost bins, one empty, one all-purpose (we empty our humanure buckets there). Nux and I wrapped them in chicken wire because something had been getting in there at night. We'll make a lid for them soon. We'll also designate the old pile as 'humey' (human waste) and use the other side exclusively for food waste so it can be used in the garden.

A privacy screen for showering, complete with a brick 'floor' to stand on so your feet don't get grassy, a nail for hanging your solar shower, and a nail on the side for your luffa.

The shed serves as our kitchen, garden shed, tool shed, and pantry. We quickly learned to put ALL our things in sealed 5-gallon buckets. If we didn't, anything left out would have mouse poop on it in the morning (that's not sanitary!). We set out mousetraps after the first week.

Also in the shed (only when it's likely to rain) is the Pooper - basically we poop in a 5-gallon bucket and cover our poop with dirt/leaf debris and dump it into the compost bin when it's full. Nux and I will have a different setup later so that flies can't get to our poop so easily.

This is our stove. Since Jacob cooks over a fire every day, we'll usually just keep it going and use it as well. Sometimes we'll hook a little propane tank up to the fancy-dancy Camp Oven/Stove my Mom bought us for Christmas (you can see it against the shed wall), and will use that. Lately we've been using it when we need to use a pot, as our pot is not made to be used over an open fire. Normally we'll just cook food up in our cast iron skillet.

And the water catchment. We scoop water out to add to our Berkey filter, and also to add to a 6-gallon water container with a spigot that we use to wash our hands/dishes/whatever.