Woodfolk House

Last fall, just as the figs were ripening, I got to visit Alexis at Woodfolk House. He's got Dozens of fruit trees, dozens of berry bushes and vines, and a feast at any time of year. He introduced me to the weird delicacy of passionfruit, hardy kiwi vining up a trellis, and the exciting challenge of fitting as many local edibles into one yard as you can. The walkways around his cob home were crowded with muscadines, figs, mulberry, white peaches, pomegranate, and all sorts of other fruits, berries, vegetables, and herbs. He also had the biggest mint patch I've ever seen! A man after my own heart. Here are two photos to give you an idea of what visions greeted me from his yard.


Ah, my idea of paradise! I live fruit trees and bushes and vines.