Virginia Beach

Nux and I visited Virginia Beach earlier in the winter. It was nice to have the place all to ourselves, though half eerie and half hopeful to see all the signs, storefronts, and obnoxious advertisements abandoned. We visited a beautiful park with sand dunes and beach grasses and many gnarled, mystical trees. We walked through an aquarium but were disappointed to find the IMAX closed for a private school viewing of Madagascar 2 (instead of the documentary on Whales that WE wanted to see). That was a let-down. We cruised the strip (alone) and enjoyed some PHENOMENAL pizza - had the restaurant and authentic Italian waitress all to ourselves.

We even got a (cheap) room overlooking the beach. We just had to put blinders on to avoid witnessing the (continuous) construction going on next door. Ah, well. We are still living in civilization.