Quick Plugs

I'm traveling right now and don't have much computer time (and will have even less soon, as I'll be camping), but I wanted to mention a few things.

1. Ani DiFranco with Utah Phillips - Two incredible albums, titled "Fellow Workers" and "The Past Didn't Go Anywhere" bring together funky music and old stories and folk songs that will give you a history lesson (from the bottom up) and get you all 'riled up and ready to dance at the same time. Go here to see a bit about the artists and find the albums for purchase.

2. Native Plants. Nux and I will plant as many as we can manage to work in with our edible forest garden and fields. We found an incredible local resource in grownative.org - it's made specifically for Missouri and was an amazing find! There are many sites on native plants out there, so do an internet search and find one in your area.

Native plants are great because they're likely to work well with each other in your landscape, they're easier to take care of because they're used to local conditions, and they keep invasive exotics and scary new hybrids from taking over. Natives also often draw in a beautiful array of beneficial insects and animals - birds and bees know they can look to natives for the food and shelter they need.

3. Interested in more than grasses and flowers? The Arbor Day web site offers 10 free trees with a $15 membership - a great deal! They also offer affordable tree collections - such as fast growing windbreaks, shade trees, spring color trees, and trees that attract birds and wildlife. Visit their web site for more exciting tree possibilities.