Make Your Own Toothpaste - Preamble

Over the past few months I've been playing around with alternatives to bought toothpaste. I don't like that I have to throw away the container, and even many 'green' brands still include fluoride, which is plenty controversial on its own.

In several major studies spanning many countries (industrialized and otherwise), amount of tooth decay and cavities Declined Regardless of water fluoridation. Many mainstream and professional organizations are now admitting that fluoride doesn't do much for teeth, may be linked with bone cancer in men, and is often sourced from the smokestacks of factories producing phosphate fertilizer because it's Cheaper than buying dental grade fluoride. The stuff from the smokestacks hasn't been tested for its potential danger when used in drinking water. There are also controversial letters and reports from Nazi Germany citing fluoride in active use as a sedative for the masses. Not only that, but fluoride is listed in medical reference books as part of a handful of major tranquilizers.

That being said, I'd rather stay away from it. I think good 'ole baking soda, salt, and peroxide will be enough for my teeth.

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