Holly Squirrels

My Mom's Richmond backyard happens to offer a tasty snack to local squirrels - holly berries. For the past two months I've been watching them gather in the grandfather tree for a morning meal, often half a dozen at a time. They look very happy, munching on berries and reaching for more - there are still thousands on the tree even after daily visits from what I assume is a diverse array of squirrels.

I caught one with my camera while it was reaching out - what a gesture! And this other one in clear focus as it chomped away at the red berry. I wonder how the holly feels, with all these little creatures perched inside its branches, taking food and weighing it down ever so slightly, chattering away over their breakfast.

I love watching the squirrels eat, even though I've seen it so many times already. They look cozy as they balance on the branches. Have you ever eaten breakfast so high up?