Bugs on the Farm, part 7

I'm gonna hit a couple with this one, because there are still about a dozen that I want to share with you! And I'm leaving tomorrow! That means less opportunities to post - hopefully once a week.

The spider that lived in the barn with me - it was a friendly one, and HUGE. The day I moved in, it was waiting in the doorway to my bedroom. It was fond of sleeping on the foot of my bed or on the wall near my bed, and I saw it often in the main room, especially when I was moving in or out.

And a cool bug found on the kitchen floor...

Okay. Nux is calling, time to pack up the car. I'll try to post more bugs before I leave!

And as always - if you know what these particular ones are called, please let me know!


lovinglandbase said…
hi there, i'm in the upper midwest and we have the same or a similar spider as the one in your first photo. my family calls them "pine spiders" although i'm sure thats not an official name. anyways, they're so large that they are easy to spot running around in the house and don't seem too scared to run across you if you are between them and their destination...and even for those of us who love spiders, it can be quite startling to wake up and have one running across your face:)
HennaLion said…
Hi lovinglandbase,

Luckily the one I lived with never crawled on my face :) I'm glad it stayed at least by the Foot of the bed. I never saw it move too fast, either - it was pretty lethargic in general, or at least very focused on staying in one spot, even when you're stepping over it repeatedly while moving into a room. Ha!