Bugs of Summer (Part 5)

Maybe sharing these images of bugs happily bathing in pollen will speed along the blossoming spring.

Last year at Acorn I got some wonderful images in the herb garden. The whole area was buzzing with wasps and bees. They loved the garlic chive blossoms and these tall purple flowers by a Buddha statue. I caught them elsewhere as well, but these ones were engrossed enough that they stayed still long enough for good photos.

Look at the bees real close - one of them (with the statue next to it) you can see has pollen all over its fuzzy leg.


lovinglandbase said…
i've never seen the flowers of garlic chives before, they are so pretty! i'm going to try and get a plant or two for my garden this year. and if the purple flowers are what i think they are (agastache foeniculum?) then thats one of the bumblebees' and solitary bees' favorite flowers around here. some times the plants humm with all the bees on them:) i like to use agastache foeniculum leaves in tea, yum!
HennaLion said…
You're right about the purple flowers - it's Anise Hyssop, one of the flowers grown for seed at southernexposure.com

The bees were Definitely humming around them when I took that picture.