What I've Been Doing

Though it may take a while for me to blog about these things individually, here's a bit of what I've been doing this winter to Go Green even more.

-I bought my mom cloth napkins for her birthday (she asked for 'em!) - no more paper! They make me feel extra fancy at meals
-I started making my own cloth menstrual pads, for days when the DivaCup can't handle the flow. Flannel feels way better than those disposable pads. And much cheaper, too!
-I learned to mix my own tooth powder and tooth paste so I don't have to buy chemically-stuff in a disposable tube. My teeth are happier than ever!
-I've sold a lot of my old things through Craigslist (and given items away for free, too) - it keeps bulk out of the landfill, makes me a bit 'o money, and keeps items circulating locally
-I'll be giving a few fancy dresses away at a local grocery store that's collecting them for students who need a dress for the prom this year
-I've been using peppermint from last year's garden for twice-weekly steam facials (trying to get rid of pesky blackheads)
-I'm using Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap for hair, body, hands - anything! No need to buy more than one soap, and this one's especially light on the environment
-I purchased Super cheap knitted sweaters at Goodwill and have been unraveling them so I have yarn for future knitting projects
-I learned to skin and tan roadkill - gain a sturdy fabric and clean up your neighborhood at the same time!


Good stuff! Claire and i have gotten pretty lax since moving to SD, "the state that never heard of global warming". So you have inspired me to get back to it. And thanks for the cob house blog. One of my goals in life is to build a cob structure.