Look What I Made!

I've heard a lot about cloth menstrual pads in the past year or so. I wasn't too interested, not having liked pads much in the past. I'm happy using my menstrual cup, but found that sometimes it's not quite enough. Long story short, I started lookin' for some cheap flannel online and found some great stuff to keep me smilin' through my cycle.

And you get to see! This is my first one, from a pattern at www.tinybirdsorganics.com. The fabric has lots of happy pigs, splashin' around in the mud. It's got wings and a button and ribbon closure in the back ('cause I didn't want to buy snaps - took the collar button from my flannel), and has an opening on back so you can add extra liners for heavier days.

Whaddya think? I see there are dozens of different ladies making these pads and selling them online, which I think is great! There are all different sites devoted to cloth pads (plenty with new mommas saying "Don't we deserve cloth, too?" Ha! Awesome!), and even more ladies selling them from Etsy.com. Now I'm in on it, too.

Let me know if you've had any experiences with cloth pads so far, if you've made them, and what you think. Thanks!! :)

Can't see the pictures? Hop over to my Flickr page.


Down2Earth said…
The photo isn't showing up, but they sound cute!