Hawk in my Backyard

Yesterday, Nux was sick and bed-ridden. Couch-ridden, really. We happened to notice that the hawks were looking out for her while she recovered - we spotted this one in the backyard, sunning itself (much to the dismay of a nearby squirrel). It hung out for a while, and let me get some nice pictures, even though I wasn't able to get too close.

Anyone know what type of hawk this is?

We also saw THREE more - a larger one with a red tail swoop by the backyard, one with a red chest on a power line over the street, and another, white bellied with brown speckles, perched in a tall pine out front of the house.

Yep, they were lookin out for her. They knew she was feelin down.

Anyone know which types of hawks these might have been? Four different types in one day!


Hey Joan, glad to see you are back! I am also writing again. Anyway, the hawk with the red tail is called a red-taile hawk(really), and the picture you posted looks lik a young red-tail.
Be well and watch out for thos raptors!