Blog Time

I haven't spent much time online lately, and when I have it's been to work on the web site for the Heritage Harvest Festival with Ira. I keep thinking about this blog, and that I should update it...

Keep an eye out. In the next few days I'll post slide shows with tons of pictures since the fall, up to and including a recent trip to Shenandoah National Park, my adventures skinning and tanning my first roadkill squirrel hide, and my first handmade cloth menstrual pad.

Exciting stuff! Now you know why I've been so busy :)

On a different note, I've been putting a lot of thought into how I'll support myself from the middle of nowhere, Missouri. I'd like to keep doing crafty/henna type things, but with items I can sell online - I doubt there are many people interested in getting henna done where I'm going.

I could really use your input! So far I'm thinking about making:
-henna'd candles (pictures to come!)
-henna on various materials (cardboard, canvas, whatever)
-linoleum-print art items
-handmade menstrual pads
-henna'd or wood burned mirrors and frames

What do I need from you? Any ideas you have for viable products (that you think I could make and people would Want to buy, even if the economy is down), and whether or not you'd consider buying products like these if you saw them online, especially if they were made locally.

Thanks for your help!


Caroline said…
I think henna'ed candles would be great! Where can i get one?

I was thinking about you a bunch this morning, then lo! there you were in my google reader. Hope i get to see you when i'm back stateside. Love!