Autumn Olive Jam

Well, one thing Acorn has a lot of in the fall are autumn olives. No, they don't taste like olives - more like cranberries. They make yer mouth pucker if you eat 'em raw (that didn't stop our local fox from eating a bushel), but they're great if you heap sugar on 'em and boil it up into jam. Ryan and I found some recipes online, made what sense of them we could, and got down to business. Here are a few snapshots of what happened as a result.

Autumn Olives rinsed and picked through

Workin the food mill - it separates the skin and seed from the pulp (the good stuff)

These are the leftovers. Blech! Looks like dog food

Berries get soupy when you cook 'em

The picture-perfect result!

It didn't stay in the jar long - we had to conduct taste trials.