Adding Neighbors

Seems like a good idea to introduce you to the neighbors I'm listing these days, so you don't feel like they've appeared all of a sudden. One I'm adding today is Liat, an awesome lady who lives at the ecovillage nearby and is converting and old school bus into a cozy home. She hosted Nux and me during our last visit, and was a lot of fun to work with.

Though I wish she'd post to her blog more often, I can only ask for so much! What she does post is exciting and insightful, a colorful look at ecovillage life.

A quick intro to the other neighbors I've got nearby:

Caroline's Travels - A close friend from Virginia who's all over the globe right now. She's an artist and posts some wonderful pictures and stories
Crunchy Chicken - A Very popular online blog focusing on going green no matter your lifestyle. Lots of good ideas and information on gardening and greening your home
LionLotus Recipes - My own recipe blog featuring recipes gleaned from my time at Acorn and from other travels. Feel free to comment if you want to be an author or add a recipe!
Penny Scout - A lady focused on sustainable health after the collapse of life as we know it
Small-Scale - Ziggy's blog about living sustainably
The Year of Mud - Ziggy's blog focusing on the entire process of building his cob home
Urban Scout - A guy in the northwest focusing on rewilding - re-learning primitive skills before we run out of time