By now it is clear that my blog posting is a cyclical affair. It's been just over a month since my last post - I've been to Missouri and back, in and out of Acorn, and am now settled in at my Mom's place in Richmond for the winter. Yesterday I started work in the bakery at Costco - they offered the highest pay of all the places I applied.

I've got my own bedroom, some healthy food in the house, a cat who wants a Lot of attention, and Tons of Stuff to sort, organize, get rid of, and otherwise deal with. I also have a pile of "to-do" things... always a bad sign. At least I'm not bored :D

For those who are interested (maybe there are some of you out there) I'll try to post pictures soon from the past months. I haven't taken any recently, though. Except to sell things on Craigslist.

Much love.


memeticist said…
fairest Joan:

So i finally got the address together for the post card that i wrote for you quite some time back. If i can get a stamp on it tomorrow you wil get it in a few days.

So when do you return to Acorn ?

Paxus in Am*dam
24 Obama 2K8
Russell said…
well now that you are back in Richmond for a bit, can you spare any hangout time?
You should see how big your kitten counterpart has gotten.
Greensinger H said…
Well, I finally got around to checking out your blog and you're no longer at Acorn. Figures, don't it? Well, it's not yet the communities that make the people but the other way around, so I think I'll come by every now and again to peek. You can email me, too :)