{New Lady in my Life}

Hey folks. I'm not sure how many of you are out there, reading my blog now and then. For those of you keeping track, you may see a new name popping up pretty frequently. Right around the Heritage Harvest Festival I had the pleasure of meeting, mud-dancing, and falling in love with a beautiful woman called Nux, who's now staying at Acorn.

We're courting the idea of a springtime move out to a different community out in the midwest. We'd both like to build our own little eco-hobbit home and grow our own food and live without so much electricity and plastic. Don't worry - the blog won't die! I'll still want to share my adventures (which will multiply rapidly!) with you and keep you up to date on new delicious recipes and photos.

I'll keep you posted as we make plans. In the meantime, here are our beautiful, smiling faces. If you hear vague, starry-eyed references to "lady" "Nux" "my love" or the more conservative "partner" this is the gorgeous creature to whom I'm referring. And now back to our regularly scheduled program!


ElizebethJoy said…
Awwwww!!! She's gorgeous!!

If you guys wanna take a quick detour down here, we'll FINALLY be setting up our veggie garden and can use all the help we can get! I'll be having a baby in April and don't know how much I'll be running around and helping to till and plant.

We have 5 acres of woods, can see the milky way from here, and would also LOVE advice on green building for when we build our little cabin in the woods on our property. Please let me know what you think. Our guest room downstairs is big and private and not used enough. :D
Russell said…
hey kitten. I had kinda dropped off from checking here so this is super exciting. Congrats!
Anyone who brings a smile like that out of you is awesome in my book. I don't love that you will be running off on adventures again, but at least now i have a little feline version of you to keep me company.

Yay happy joan!
LionLotus said…
Aw, thanks guys!

Elizebeth, I told my lovely lady about your kind offer to visit - we'll have to see what our spending money situation looks like in early spring. It always helps to have an extra henna artist around when you've got a big pregnant belly :)

Thanks Russell. How is Joan 4 doing? I still need to get you that paperwork... *sends e-mail*

Russell said…
She is doing great. she is probably twice as big as when i brought her home. I'm taking her in for spaying on 11/12 so as long as you get me that stuff by then i'll be golden.

Will you be in richmond again any time soon? i miss you and would like to meet your lovely new lady, too!
LionLotus said…
Cortney and I will actually be staying at my Mom's all winter to Work and save monies, so you'll get a chance to see us! :) We'll be there mid-November.