The Fire of Late Summer

Nasturtiums are awesome. They're incredibly beautiful, offer a vibrant color to the garden, the leaves look like they're floating above water, Both flower and leaf are edible and give a spicy Zip to salads, and they make a wonderful picture...

I also just read something about their use in permaculture gardens, but I can't remember what for the life of me. Instead, feast your eyes on this gorgeous image.

Another plant that brings fiery colors into the garden at this time of year is Roselle. In the hibiscus family, it's what puts the Zing in Red Zinger tea. The mature flowers are beautiful, but what's better is the immature flower setup - the green pod is surrounded by deep red calyxes that are Edible and have a complex and exciting flavor. The red parts of the plant at this immature stage can be used to make a yummy jam (keep an eye out for a recipe later), or (if you're me) you can just cut them off the plant and munch on them plain. Yum.