Bugs on the Farm, Part 2

I can't believe I took so long to post a part 2! There are so many bugs to share :)

I stumbled upon this bug back in late May climbing through a brush pile near the orchard. It was about 2" long (Big!) and had a white splatter looking design on its back along with two vivid, outlined spots over what would be a person's shoulder blades.

I prepared this collage for your enjoyment :) If anyone knows what type of bug this is, let me know! It was sure fun to look at.


ElizebethJoy said…
Heya, this is Elizebeth's husband Tyme. This looks like some sort of 'Click' beetle. If you mess with it, it tries to scare you off by flexing back and forth making 'clicking' noises.

LionLotus said…
Hey thanks Tyme :) The resident Bug lady at Acorn told me that also - she said it was specifically called an Eyed Elator. I almost wish I had agitated it just to hear it click. Almost.