Belly Dance Party

The first of the backorder updates - I threw a belly dance party at Acorn back in JUNE, and failed to share any pictures. Here's a good group pic, after everyone had been dressed up, paraded around, shimmied and shaken and left sweaty and smiling. The lesson went well, the lighting was ambient, the mood ridiculous and proud. Look how gorgeous we are!


Caroline said… did i miss this?!?
LionLotus said…
I don't know! It was an Acorn thing, I didn't really advertise it... I'm so lame when it comes to remembering people who would like to come. :( Drea wants me to have another one with Oakers, but I don't know when.
angel said…
didn't i take that pic?
LionLotus said…
I don't remember, but I wouldn't be surprised if you had :) I remember Chidiki hangin out with us that night. Good times.