August Flowers

August was great for flowers. I planted dozens of sunflowers back in June, and they were real happy by the time I got back to the farm August 1st. The butterflies were happy, the Japanese beetles were happy... and my camera, too. There was one towering, massive, shoulder-leafed mammoth sunflower that nodded you down the driveway and provided a welcome shelter to dozens of beetles.

There were darker sunflowers, sultry and mysterious, brooding and deeply vibrant in their rich bronze tones. Some of the sunflowers were edible, and I'm sure the birds appreciated the gesture. The darker sunflowers are my Mom's favorite.

After so many weeks of summer and brilliance, the sunflowers were disced into the fields to provide nutrients to the soil for fall plantings and cover crops.

Some flowers climbed up our outbuildings, like these morning glories. They provided a fancy sundress for the garden shed - I'm sure it felt fancy with so many smiling blossoms bedecking it for weeks on end. Some of the flowers are still blooming, and a few even curled their way Inside the shed to greet the gardener hunting for a tool.

A walk by the herb garden was welcomed by a row of pink pansies blooming in profusion - I wish we had a whole field of these that I could roll around in for hours... they looked so lush and happy, so many dozens of velvet petals. They bordered our basil patch - but you've already seen the basil pictures.


Thanks, I needed some sunflowers in my life this morning. I love growing flowers and want to do more with reintroducing native species, but i love sunflowers and morning glories.
LionLotus said…
Aw, no problem :) Sunflowers are certainly native! I don't know about morning glories.