Support an Eco-Mercantile

Hey friends,

The new Mercantile store at the ecovillage nearby (an incredible place focused on sustainable living) is a FINALIST in a competition to win $10,000 to help purchase wind and solar power for their store.

Please take a look at the link below and consider (quickly and easily) signing up for an Ideablob account so you can vote for them and help them win this money. Go to Ideablob to register and vote!

Please also pass this on to as many friends and family and coworkers as you can! They're up against a larger company, and we want to show 'em that our social network of community-friendly friends is bigger. Thanks for your help :)

Feel free to e-mail me if you need help signing up. I hope you'll help me support this great venture. I mean, who Wouldn't want a little general store nearby that's totally off the grid, and offers everything they need to be the most conscientious consumer possible?

Hope you're all having a great autumn.



Anonymous said…
Man I have so many friends I'd love to introduce you to .. you're definately going to have to get yourself to Portland, Or one of these days. You would love it.

Hey shoot me an email sometime, I'd love to here what you're up to.
LionLotus said…
Thanks for the comment :) I would love to make it out to Portland sometime and stick around a bit. You should sign up for the rss feed for my blog, then you'll see all my new posts! I'm too lazy to send e-mails :D