{Basil Harvest}

Despite the chilling weather, our basil is still going strong. Luckily, a few lovely Acorners harvested heavily back on the same day that we harvested autumn olives.

Look at that delicious basket full of pre-pesto goodness! So many nutrients in there. A lot of it was made into pesto, as basil doesn't dry very well. Just recently I read that such herbs can be rinsed and dried off, then chopped up (or left whole, depending on their size) and mixed into oil or water and Poured Into Ice Cube Trays. What a way to enjoy good herbs during the winter! I'm not sure if any of that basil is left unprocessed, but I'm certainly going to check.

Another wonder of the day was part of a butterfly wing that was somehow pressed onto a basil leaf. It was beautiful, if sad, and I managed to capture it in a picture. Thank goodness for the macro function. How else could I even Approach the beauty that is life on a farm?