{To Begin Again}

Now that I have uploaded over 100 new photos of Acorn alone, I can try to post daily to show you these lovely new images.

The first? Comes from the oldest batch - herb harvesting in late June with Abe and Marielle.

Abe and I spent one morning right around solstice harvesting kitchen herbs. First, we harvested oregano, and smelled like pizza. Afterward, we harvested spearmint, and then smelled like toothpaste. Each time we filled HUGE bowls with piles and abundant mounds of herbs. What a good feeling!

The second photo is from several days later, St. John's Eve, said to be the best day of the year for harvesting herbs for magickal purposes. Marielle and I spent much of the day snipping away at the overflowing herb beds. The scents and colors were lovely, and I was excited to be around someone who knew what to do with the plants we were harvesting. Now if only the mosquitoes hadn't shown up.

After twilight approached, we made our way to the greenhouse garden, where we watched spinx moths greedily devour pollen from the Tina James Magic Evening Primroses. We also harvested black hollyhocks for tea. This is what our harvest basket looked like by the end of the evening. Isn't it gorgeous?

Keep an eye out each day for more photos. I promise I'm trying to do daily updates! You can comment, e-mail, or even call if you have my number to bug me to post more. In the meantime, enjoy :)


Don't you plant lemongrass to fend off the bloodsuckers?
LionLotus said…
No! I didn't know lemongrass kept them at bay. We'd have to cover the whole farm in the stuff, though :)