Yesterday we celebrated Ira's 60th birthday with a surprise party. I threw it together only two days in advance, with much help from Abe when it came to food prep and purchasing.

Many of Ira's beloved friends were there, a few even drove out from Shannon Farm. Ira was completely and totally surprised. Good food was enjoyed by all, and I slept damn well once the night was finally over.

I spent Saturday at Twin Oaks' Women's Gathering doing henna for many beautiful ladies. I was thrilled to barter henna for a gorgeous wire-wrapped unakite jasper pendant. I put it on a gold chain once I got home and have been wearing it delightedly ever since.

Sunday I was in Richmond shopping for the party and picking up FOUR new 6' tall bookshelves from my friend April (thanks April!) which will Greatly increase the organization, presentation, and productivity of our library.

And there you have it. Several nights ago I laid on the trampoline with Abe, looking at the stars. The sky was so clear - it was one of those nights where you can see the milky way. My next intangible project is to learn the constellations.

In other news, I'm making updates to the Acorn web site, and found our old policy binder. I'm sure Marielle will be thrilled to see all the old policy that we thought was lost.

I'm feeling rather blank and insubstantial the day after the party - I spent several intense, long days working and planning and scheming nervously, and now my days are wide open again. It's exciting to know I won't be leaving again for several weeks and I have a whole list of things I'll be excited to do - harvesting pears, drying rose hips, making a new hops trellis in the herb garden, updating the web site, organizing the library, planning full moon and equinox parties. This is the stuff life is made of :)