{Real Popcorn}

I'm back at Acorn and trying to surround myself with good/healthy food opportunities so I don't revert to refined-sugar cravings and long nights of baking sweets.

One delicious snack that's enjoyed regularly here is popcorn. We buy corn that's particularly suited for popping, and we buy it in bulk - we keep a five gallon bucket around all the time.

When the time comes for a tasty snack (and a movie), we (or usually Abe, who Rocks at making delicious popcorn)take a thick bottomed pot, pour a light covering of oil on the bottom, put in three kernels, and turn the burner on until those first three pop, then we pour in enough kernels to cover the bottom of the pot.

It helps to shake the pot around some while the corn is popping - this scoots the kernels that may be sticking to the bottom and keeps them from burning.

Once you hear the pops slowing down to 1-2 seconds between each, turn the burner off and pour the popcorn into a BIG bowl. Sprinkle generously with salt, nutritional yeast, and dill (I know, sounds weird! But it tastes great). Abe made a batch two nights ago with some type of spicy pepper in it, and that was pretty delicious, too.

Once the toppings have been poured on, curl your fingers underneath the popcorn around the edges of the bowl and turn all the popcorn over on itself. This helps distribute the toppings without letting them all slide to the bottom.

Repeat to taste, then consume!

Note: You don't really need oil... try getting used to popcorn without butter or oil, it's much healthier!