Something I find myself doing often at Acorn is stopping in the middle of something to look around. Often it's the sunset cutting a brilliant curtain of light over half of the treeline, or the moon rising behind the trees around Heartwood, and I want to walk out to the fields to see it more clearly. Or it'll be twilight in the winter, and the trees cast a beautiful silhouette against the blue palette of night.

Last week it was a double rainbow. It was the first rain we'd gotten in awhile, and it didn't last long. I walked outside with Drea and River to watch, and we stood there for a good ten minutes or more, just looking. The first rainbow was vivid and bright. We could see both ends of it, and further out... another, lighter rainbow. The clouds were stark in comparison, some of them weary leftovers of the storm slumping away, some silvery, inspired to carve out a tenacious edge on the colorful stage of skyspace.

I love living somewhere with so much beauty that it constantly stops you dead in your tracks.