{Bugs on the Farm, Part 1}

I've seen a lot of awesome bugs at Acorn. I think I've already posted pictures of the first, awhile back - it was black with tiny white spots and two BIG white spots over its shoulders.

This is the next (or the first official) in the series.

I saw this bug in late June while working in the herb garden, and suddenly felt like I was inside an old Zelda game. Its shiny, metallic-looking armor reminded me of similar shiny-armored exoskeletal bug bosses from Link to the Past, especially the crazy worm creatures from the desert. The colors were what struck me first, though - despite most of its surface area being black, it had striking, solidly yellow Feet and vivid lava-red plate edges.

I love seeing awesome parts of nature close-up like this. It makes me feel like I really am part of a magical world. Sometimes I just can't believe creatures like this, so vibrant, so perfectly formed, really exist.