{Bruise Jam}

Yesterday morning I went blueberry picking for the first time, and ate more blueberries than I had in my whole life - probably about a dozen. Ha!

It was amazing to be surrounded by so many berries. I found one part of the small orchard where the bushes had grown together in an arching forest passageway that was magical and a pleasure to spend time in. I wandered through covered corridors, with large, ripe clusters of berries hanging in abundance.

At one point I rubbed the blue dust off a berry on the top of the pile to find that it was really Black underneath. The contrast of one black berry on a mound of blue was startling and beautiful.

I wish I had brought my camera, but unfortunately, I left it in Richmond.

On the way home Ben, Drea, and I talked about making jam and I suggested that we make Bruise Jam- black and blueberry jam :) Ha. I wonder if our blackberries are still producing. I hope I didn't miss the whole blackberry growing season.