{August Heat}

I was out tending the plum tree yesterday and today, bringing in loads of compost to cover up the cardboard I laid down a month ago. If all our trees get a good helping of nutrients and some help keeping weeds away, maybe next summer they'll be happier and disease-free! A girl can dream.

It was pretty hot so far today, but there was a Nice breeze as well... aside from the excitement of jams and preserving happening in the near future, I think I'm about ready for fall and winter, cozy months bundled up against the cold, tending fires.

There are still plenty of beautiful things happening here at Acorn, though. Morning glories are blooming, sunflowers nod in the breeze, and butterfly bushes are humming with activity. You can't tell I did any weeding in the herb garden last month... it's completely overgrown again, though that also means we have a lot of herbs to harvest. What a problem :)


Danny said…
Ain't no problem with too many herbs, yo.

Yeah, weather's been surprisingly mild lately. Even in Richmond...