{August Days}

The days are flying by - as I suppose they should, during the heat and bustle of summer. Tomato canning is happening at Twin Oaks, and I helped River pick tomatoes from our fields one morning as we talked about my clearness happening later in the day.

I've been getting back to all the projects I left behind at Acorn in June, and it feels good. I've neglected my rune study though it's been on my mind often enough. I've also neglected my blog and my general personal computer interests - you'll be happy to hear I uploaded Hundreds of pictures from the past two and a half months onto my Flickr page, though I've yet to finish tagging them.

Soon enough there will be new posts (hopefully daily) accompanied by pictures on the blog of all the beautiful things I've seen lately.

In the meantime, I'll be waking up closer to 7am every day in a fierce attempt to regulate my sleep schedule, and will be either doing yoga, weightlifting, or running every morning to help get some energy for the coming day. Support and kudos welcome!

Love and apologies for slacking at my posting duties,



Danny said…
I forgive you. You life is so much more interesting, after all
LionLotus said…
Thanks Danny :) I try. More interesting than whose?