{July Happenings}


#1 My friend Russell adopted the calico kitten from the farm. It is super adorable to see a large, large man with a tiny, cute kitten. Especially because Russell's nickname is Kittenheart.

#2 I will have a few more (and some of the last!) kitten pictures posted soon.

#3 Our cucurbits are flowering in my Mom's garden, though I feel like everything happens more slowly in her garden than it should.

#4 The sugar snap peas are dead. Many of them were knocked over and severely damaged in a major thunderstorm.

#5 Squirrels and/or dogs are messing with every garden bed, and the sunflower patch has been almost completely unsuccessful.

#6 The herbs and flowers I planted did not sprout, though I'm unsure of the optimal time to seed them, so it was somewhat expected.

#7 Rain is coming pretty regularly this summer, which is a blessing and a joy.

#8 The three tomato plants I bought from Ukrop's are all doing very well and are producing tomatoes. Note to self: Starting tomatoes from seed requires one persons (or more!) full attention starting in January(ish).

#9 I wish I knew what flowers were blooming right now, but I don't.

#10 Our mint bed is doing FABULOUS and makes me very happy. It has provided us with delicious home-made mint iced tea and fresh mojitos.

#11 Acorn has sunflowers. Some of them were planted by me. This makes me incredibly, amazingly happy.


Russell said…

just an FYI. They should be beautiful from out where you are.
LionLotus said…
Thanks Russell! I posted a lot of information about the shower on our notice board and had two starry-eyed friends come lay on the trampoline with me for the show. It was beautiful. I even saw one really long, slow one at 9:30pm