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20 days! 20 days since my last post. I've been putting it off quite a bit.

Well, time passes quickly in the city with less sense of accomplishment than 20 days at the farm. I've watched the garden progress slowly here and it makes me wish I'd seen it more than once every few weeks early this spring, that I could have been with it all along, or tending more of the gardens at Acorn.

My nails are long and awkward on the keyboard because I haven't been doing a lot of manual labor. I went to the gym with a friend and found my muscles sore the next day. I want to be home! I want to be using my body in pursuit of work that will further nourish it.

I have accomplished things while I've been here, many things involving the computer - I've been doing work towards HHF (the heritage harvest festival put on by Southern Exposure and TJ's Center for Historic Plants), the Center for Rural Culture site, my friend Karan's site for her jewelry business, my henna site, my personal site, and a new blog focusing on runestudy - you can find it at runes.hennalion.com if you're interested.

I'm VERY excited to be going back to Acorn soon and looking at it as a true home, as a place I'll be planning to Stay for awhile. More than ever I'm feeling strong urges to continue to better myself, to do yoga and lift weights on top of normal manual labor that comes with farm life, to learn as much as I can about our fruit trees, about preserving food (almost tomato canning time!!)... I want to build a simple temporary structure and camp for a little while, enjoy being in nature in simple, practical ways (i.e. ones that don't leave me covered in bug bites) and study older cultures that lived more simply than we did.

I'm going to end this post to try to think of more succinct updates that may be of interest.