{112 Posts!}

It's been too long since my last post... as I looked at my Blogger "Dashboard" it told me that this blog had last been published on June 24th, and that I had made a total of 111 posts. Wow! That's a lot! Over half a year, I suppose it should be closer to 175 if I were going more for daily updates, but 111 isn't bad!

Thanks to those of you who have been keeping up with my adventures and leaving comments. I like knowing that some of my friends are actually checking in. It's too hard otherwise for me to keep up with so many different circles of awesome people... dancers, fire spinners, high school friends, college friends, henna friends, people I've met on my travels, and people from different intentional communities... I'm sure you all share the same threads of interest, and am glad some of you have been keeping an eye on me.

Please, leave more comments! If you have ideas for things you'd like me to post or write about (or if you'd like this to become a collective blog so you can write about similar things), let me know!

Soon this blog may become fed through a personal web site. I purchased hennalion.com earlier this year in case I wanted to use it for my henna business, though I don't think I will (I've been using artisanhenna.com instead). HennaLion would be good for a personal site, though, where I could keep this blog and a gallery of Flickr slideshows, along with resource pages for people searching for information, and things that I learn at the farm all separated out - gardening pages, herbal pages, diy projects, etc.

Please let me know what you think about any of those ideas. Also let me know if you're tired of the Internet and want me to send you snail mail, as I've been writing a lot of letters lately and have been excited to make dozens of my own envelopes to send them out in. You can post your address in a comment here or e-mail me at leonine.lotus@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading :)




Joanna Gibson said…
Joan! I was at Acorn for the past couple days, and I definitely missed your presence. Are you moving there on a more permanent basis? I am envisioning future guest-ings of mine at Acorn, and I think life would be even better if you were there. (Of course, if there are other places that are calling to you more, that's cool too!)

LionLotus said…
Hey Joanna! I'm pretty sure you know what's up with me by now, since you were just here. With this new lady in my life, horizons are spreadin' wide, and it seems like Acorn may be just another step on the path toward a more ideal home.

I'm sure we can see each other again, though. :)