I weeded the sunflowers today, they're getting to be a few feet tall. I wonder how I'll stake them...

I also had help identifying burdock on the property and am going to harvest some of the leaf and root with Drea for medicinal use... we'll also be harvesting red raspberry leaf for tea. Yay edible wild things!

The thornless blackberry patch is in DIRE need of weeding... though I did have a good amount of help from current interns/wwoofers in clearing out the brush under the plum tree by the road - it's actually recognizable as a fruit tree from far away! It's such a thrill to see it so distinguised from its surroundings. Unfortunately, the saplings I cleared out from under it turned out to be young hazelnut trees, spread out from a line of larger hazelnuts next to the plum. I identified them halfway through the cutting process, but kept cutting them down when I saw the big row of them... though I found out later that the young saplings were producing a lot more nuts than the mature trees. :(

Tomorrow I will put sheets or tarps under the plum tree so the ripe fruits can fall on them without rotting right away.

I also found out that the autumn olive trees produce a Lot and can be used for jam, and saw that the wild grapes are producing fruit. There are some gorgeous black-eyed susans down the old driveway path near the grapes, too. I still haven't identified the persimmon trees...

What else today? I weeded the two little strips of marigolds and did a bunch of computer work. I also got a bunch of books from the library on fruit, berries, and pruning. Come late winter I'll be READY with some sharp, pointy objects to help clean up our fruit trees :)