{Nature Updates}

Lilies (day lilies?) have been blooming for about a week now, the full moon just hit us in the past two nights, poppies set seed over a week ago, and I just harvested the first of our sugar snap peas. Also freshly harvested from Acorn's gardens were cucumbers and zucchini. Our first little sunflower blossom is opening up, and the hollyhocks are still looking radiant.

The plum tree by the driveway is producing a LOT of fruit, but much of it is diseased. This week I'm going to work on cleaning out all the brush underneath it so it can be a bit more pampered... I'm not sure how to deal with diseased fruit trees, though, so that'll take some reading.

Blackberries are almost here... and the raspberries, sadly, seem to be on the way out. I'm not sure about the mulberries. We need to get some more mulberry trees! They're incredible. Our peaches are starting to blush but I'm not sure if it's safe to harvest them this early... if we leave them out there too long they'll all rot. The serviceberries and bush cherries are long gone.

Abby's been harvesting sassafrass root for tea... small saplings she'll dig up completely, and larger trees she'll cut a portion of the root. Once you do that, you shave the bark off and dry for use in tea. I've heard you can use the actual root for tea as well, but Abby didn't think so. I need to do more research there.

Also! You can use raspberry leaves for tea. I better get harvesting! I'm not sure what the tea is good for yet, though.

Black-eyed susans are out, our grapes are getting bigger and bigger every day, the lavender is fragrant, and what I think are hydrangeas are in full bloom.