{Little Flower Catholic Worker House}

Yesterday Jon, Angel and I went to Little Flower Catholic Worker House, a small hospitality-oriented community about twenty-five minutes away.

The main home was a few hundred years old, with strong, exposed old timbers and different kinds of plastering all around. The ouside of the house was garnished with lavish mosaics and was surrounded by undulating ground covered in gardens big and small.

Two other buildings were both strawbale (!) and were Beautiful as well. The 17-acre property is also home to a lovely rabbit and half a dozen chickens, two dogs and two cats. Just outside the kitchen door there were salad greens and peppermint growing, and the whole place had a homey, intimate feel.

Aside from the physical beauty of Little Flower, it's committed to providing hospitality to those who need shelter, activist/resistance work, and living simply on the land. I think they're succeeding on all accounts. You can get in touch with them at littleflowercw@wildmail.com, or 540-967-5574.