Marielle and I harvested a bunch of herbs today, AND I got to see Tina James' Magic Evening Primrose blossoming while sphinx moths with HUGE proboscis(es?) eat from them. Talk about magic.

Apparently today was St. John's Eve, the best day of the year for harvesting herbs for magical purposes.

We harvested:

Bee Balm (Bergamot)
Black Hollyhocks
Catmint (Catnip)
Lemon Basil
Poppy Seed
Sweet Annie

Duncan, if I had known ahead of time that this was a magickal day, I SO would have tried to get you out here. It was incredible. I'm sorry you missed out on the herb harvest :) You'll have to come out to Acorn with me in August and do some harvesting for yourself, especially for a personal dream pillow or sachet.

Marielle showed me soapwort, which you can make shampoo from! Ah! So Cool!

Also today I weeded the thornless blackberry patch, but I think I already wrote about that earlier... so much happening! The days are flying by and there is so much that I want to cram in.

Possibly one of the most exciting reasons I look forward to living at Acorn is that I know I can be around year after year, as all these incredible things happen in nature time and time again. It's a constant drama in the form of blossoms and harvests, scents and flavors, this love affair with the earth. What other life could I want?