{Finding Home}

Yesterday morning I foraged for my breakfast. Well, mostly. I got an apple from the walk-in fridge, then went outside and, while eating my apple, wandered through the strawberry patch, through the orchard, and by the herb garden to gather delicious fruits and berries to start the day. I feasted on alpine strawberries and a few normal strawberries (one of which was shared by the UPS man :)), the first raspberry of the season, mulberries, a few bush cherries, a serviceberry or two, and even a few golden raspberries. What an incredible breakfast.

While in the strawberry patch, I saw THREE baby praying mantises. I sat in the field for several minutes with the first one I saw, watching it and talking with it.

There have always been praying mantises where I've lived. In Quarryville (PA), there was a Family of them in our yard. In Alabama, I saw them rather regularly in our gardens. I hadn't seen any at my homes in Virginia yet, until this time at Acorn. Does that mean I'm finally home?