{Cat Lady}

I've been Acorn's cat lady for the past few days - the Weavers were gone for a week, and Abe was gone for a few days, so I volunteered to look after Zelda (Abe's cat), Godzilla and Mr. Kitty, and Tilly and the kittens. Talk about a Cat Lady! Ha.

A couple of days ago, as I sat in the mudroom with the kittens, I had Four kittens climbing on my lap, often two or three of them grooming me at a time. I felt so loved and included! Later that day, Mr. Kitty was meowing plaintively and he and I sat together for awhile and talked. We walked among the salad greens, he sat in my lap by the greenhouse, and even let me carry him back to Heartwood. It was a treat.

Bein' a cat lady ain't so bad, as long as their owners come back in a few days :) I do miss Mousetrap, though.


Russell said…
awww... take good care of my little Joan le Quart!