Things I want to do:

-Create a future calendar of when to remember things (e.g. When to start tomatoes, when to plant sunflowers, when to plant trees or prune them, when the berries ripen, when the spring wildflowers are all in bloom, when to expect paw paws back by the river)

-Create small buildings out of the old trampoline frames

-Make the downstairs of the barn liveable

-Clear the barn yard

-Have marigolds lining the path to the barn

-Have Lots of edible trees and berries that fit the climate, are close to the residences, and are well- or easily-maintained

-Fix up the farrier's shed into a hobbit home

-Fix up the plastic palace (summer intern space?)

-Make a map of fruits/edibles at Acorn

-Gather info from Marielle on useful plants around Acorn, overlay with fruit map

-Do permaculture gardening Somewhere

-Fix up beds/shrubby, overgrown areas on way to barn

-Maintain up to date, accurate, easily-accessible and comprehensive vehicle records

-Clean the accounting office of old files

-Keep Acorn web site up to date

-Update "intern" page on SESE site, update our ic.org listing, portray our community as accurately as possible on the Internet

-Do visioning work so that the whole group is clear on all of our goals/priorities, then think strategically about how many interns we want, when, and in what capacity