I've been thinking for awhile about the need/desire to make a calendar of events. Things to look out for, like when to harvest berries, when to plant fruit trees, when to harvest from this crop or that, when to look for edibles in the forest. I just realized a few days ago that that's what Almanacs are for. Duh. I suppose they may be more for veggie type crops, but still! How silly of me.

I've been keeping track of a bit in this blog, anyway. New updates?

Mulberries are here! The first couple dozen on our big mulberry tree are ripe, and Abby and I picked a bowlful to put out for lunch. Daisies are out in spades, and all different shades of Stacie's roses are blossoming. The Golden Raspberries are ripening, blackberries are yet to come, raspberries are blushing and close on the horizon. Strawberries are dwindling, and the bush cherries may be as well, though I'm not sure what their normal length of production is.

The dwarf apple tree has a lot of small blushing fruit on it, and the peach tree's got a lot there, too... I just need to ask Ira when it's safe to pick, because it'll become diseased if we let it ripen on the tree. The serviceberries are still ripening also... lavendar is blooming and smells incredible.

Also, check out this crazy bug I saw two days ago... and two pretty butterflies.