{Acorns in Paradise}

Abby (intern) harvested sassafrass root from young trees today for making tea. Apparently the tea is RED when you brew it, and the small small roots are good for chewing on. When you scrape the bark from the root it smells Delicious.

Menno (intern from the Netherlands) and I also cut down two high-bush cranberry trees/bushes from the orchard area across from the herb garden. They turned out to be not delicious, and more for animals than people, and they were shading other plants too much to be helpful.

We did all that After Ira took Drea, Abby, Menno and I on a fruit tour of the grounds. It was incredible. A lot of the stuff doesn't produce because they were chosen as 'full member' trees when individuals became members, and weren't chosen well for this climate. Or they haven't been maintained, or were too far away for people to remember to take care of them.

Despite that, we have:

Alderberry, Apple, Crab Apple, Blackberries, Sweet Cherry, Bush Cherry, Currant Clove (for animals), Fig, Grapes, Wild Grapes, Mulberry, Autumn Olive, Trifoliate Orange, Peace, Pear, Persimmon, Plum, Wild Plum, Flowering Quince, Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Golden Raspberry, Rose Hips, Serviceberry, Perennial Sweet Peas.

Isn't that awesome!?