I worked outside for awhile this morning, watering the sunflower babies along the road and doing more pruning work. I cut down dozens of saplings that were shooting up from taproots of the umbrella tree near the barn

It's got a lot of big, beautiful arch-shaped main branches that make for an Awesome potential hangout space underneath (unfortunately, the mosquitoes think so too). I decided that the young growth underneath should probably come out.

The result? A lot of great building material. I've got over a dozen good long saplings about 15' long and a thumbs-width or more, in addition to smaller (thinner, shorter) saplings that will make great wattle (branches woven sideways in wattle-and-daub building).

I also got to work (with Abe) pruning down the trees/saplings that were cut down by Menno by the Steel Building and all the high-bush cranberry we cut down the other day. That'll also make for great building material for the morning glory tipi, and any leftover can go to my ambitious building projects ^_^