{Spring Updates}

Lilacs are blooming! Acorn's internet can't handle sharing pictures with you at the moment, but you can see them at my Flickr page if you want to follow the link.

I've got a busy weekend coming up with the Strawberry Street Festival Saturday afternoon, a big henna appointment Saturday night, and a community meeting after brunch on Sunday that I need to be back for. During those in-between times I'll be Bustin' ass in my mom's garden to spade out some more garden space, plant sunflowers, and seed some more last-minute varieties of tomato. Hopefully everything will do alright.

The snap peas shot up out of NOWHERE in the back of the strawberry patch. They look great! I'm really excited to see them continue to grow. Our lettuce and parsley is also sprouting and well on its way to becoming delicious nutritious food in our tummies :)

After this weekend I'll be spending FIVE weekends at the Virginia Renaissance Faire - you should come visit me! I'll be dressed funny ^_^

I hope everyone's spring is going well and that you're finding (or making!) opportunities to enjoy the beautifully lengthening days.