{New Kitten Pictures}


Anonymous said…
Lion Lotus!

Thanks for your positive commentary on MY blog, and I'm intrigued to hear that we want the same things.

I have some kitten photos and other photos from my trip east at:


I'm curious if you have any intentions to come west this summer or in the forseeable future?

The affordable housing in a cooperative house I might have mentioned that I was moving into in Oakland, California, the deal has changed and they are now only offering me a 3 month sublet and I don't even know that I'll stay that long, it depends how I feel about being in a hectic megalopolis urban area of the San Franncisco Bay Area, but I am definitely going to spend a month or 2 there studying permaculture and leanring other neat things. Then I might be travelling again.

Depending how things go, I'm considering returning east and going to Acorn for seed harvesting and storage in the fall, because I'd like to learn that. If you can I'd love to be kept updated on how Acorn is doing..

Much love,
Dan de Lion
LionLotus said…
Dan de Lion! Wow! I didn't get that until you wrote it out like that. How cool XD

You should look at my Flickr stuff, too. I left comments on a few of your lovely photos.

Thanks for the post :) You can check in here for Acorn updates. I will try to be in touch with you more directly, too :)