Yesterday, when I got home from Twin Oaks, Ben reported to me that Tilly the cat had gone into Labor Tuesday Evening in the SNACK KICHEN! Goodness gracious! We are now the proud caretakers of Five beautiful kittens. Thanks to freecycle we've already got Six potential homes for them, since we don't have room for more kitties here.

Here's some eye candy...


Russell said…
yay Tilly! i wish i had a kitten. Did anyone tell Lauren?

We'll miss you today at Tribal Jam. Hope Beltane is a blast!

Give me a call sometime. Three more days until i'm done with school, so i certainly want to come help with the cobbing.
Miss you, little ferocious lion Joan. **hugs**
LionLotus said…
Of course I told Lauren! I sent her pictures, too :) First things first!

We do have potential homes, but if you Really want a kitten, you could almost certainly have one. Let me know.

I'll miss you guys today, too. Danny called me to ask if I'd be there. I wish I could be in two places at once :( But alas, I have no timeturner.

I will keep you updated on cobbing :) *hugs*
Russell said…
i do not want to steal kittens from other loving homes.

We must get you one of these time-turners.
Anonymous said…
so cute!! I want a kitten :(