{General Update}

I wish it hadn't been almost a week since I posted last. I just realized several days ago that I've been working over sixty hours a week. That doesn't leave a lot of free time.

I gardened a lot last week, helping prepare beds for the cucurbits (squash, cukes). Tracy and I agreed that cucurbit sounds like a Pokemon. (Much like parsnip...)

I also seeded and transplanted sunflowers out by the road at Acorn... I can't wait until those are blooming *heart*

Friday I had another River City henna appointment (a repeat customer! so exciting) and then spent the evening with Russell doing some gardening in the dark and making walls for my tent. We didn't finish until 2, and even then we weren't completely done... I still had about 20min of work to do on them. I set my alarm for 5am, woke up at 3:30 because Chris said the house smelled like gas...

It turned out that a container of bleach had spilled next to the cat litter, mixing with ammonia and sending a toxic fume out into the den. Fun!

My phone didn't work and/or I was SO exhausted that I didn't wake up until 9:30... and the ren faire started at 10. I was an hour late, with no tent walls, and without some other accessories as well, because I was in such a rush.

Luckily, Tracy was my savior and came a bit later in the day, helping me put my mind and body Much more at ease. My stress levels plummeted as soon as she showed up :) I love my Tracy.

I then proceeded to spend Three Days working the renaissance faire. There should be a few new pictures on my Flickr soon, though not as many as last weekend.

After I got home from the faire I totaled up all the money I made from appointments and events in the last month... guess how much? In one month, doing henna, I made $1400. Awesome!!! That's the equivalent of $8.75/hour IF I were working 40 hours doing henna, but I'm not... that was from about twelve days of work.

I started talking to Jack about land, too. Over the weekend I had more moments in which I found myself Overwhelmed and Tired of conventional life. I REALLY want to be in my own hand-made house. Part of me aches for the energy and aesthetic, and part of me wants to put myself into an environment in which it's a lot harder to waste resources so I can't do it with such nonchalance.

He's interested in buying land also, and when I looked again online for VA land I actually found a good amount of lots for reasonable prices. A small Lynchburg property for $4300... 2 acres in Cumberland for $10k... awesome!

Anyway, I'm finally back at Acorn after a long weekend, and will be leaving again in a few days for another long faire weekend, but this weekend I'll get to spend a whole day in Richmond, so I can get all the gardening done that I've been aching to do. I also have a pregnant belly henna appointment (possibly TWO) Friday, so keep an eye out for awesome pictures.



Russell said…
Hey you! any word on whether tracy will be rennfairing with you this weekend? I'd love to come out and see my lovely kitten... and the orange kitty at acorn, too, if there is time :)
Danny said…
Can I come and live on your land when the weight of the world comes crashing down on me?
LionLotus said…
Yes. That's what it'll be there for :) I would love to have you be a part of my home.