{Garden Updates}

Lilacs are blooming, my favorite capatillars are Everywhere (though starting to mature - last week they were all over the place) and I think honeysuckle is blooming.

The golden raspberries on the way to the barn are starting to fruit, though nothing is anywhere near ripe yet. The strawberries in mom's garden are getting bigger, and One of them is starting to blush. The parsley has sprouted and the snap peas are climbing.

This weekend I'll be expanding our garden again substantially. You can come by WAY early tomorrow (Saturday) morning if you want to help. I'll be digging out a new bed space and sowing Sunflowers (four types!), some herbs (astragalus, thyme, sorrel, basil), basil in where the tomatoes will go, and some tomatoes (those will go in peat pots, though).

Our big tomato seedlings aren't doing well, and I'm wondering why. Maybe it wasn't hot enough inside? All the cherry tomato seedlings seem alright, as well as the pepper seedlings. I feel bad, cause I know mom likes the Real big tomatoes. Hm. At least I still have seeds for Tappy's Finest that I can start, those produce real big fruit. We shall see.


Anonymous said…
sounds tasty!!
-Carly xoxx
Russell said…
hey, did we plant and of the Sorrel?

i checked it out, and apparently it is pretty tasty:
Common sorrel has been cultivated for centuries. The leaves may be puréed in soups and sauces or added to salads and shav; they have a flavor that is similar to kiwifruit or sour wild strawberries.
LionLotus said…
See!? You scoffed at my blind enthusiasm, but it wasn't so blind now, was it?

We did Not, in fact, sow any of the sorrel. You wanna sow some in a pot? I'm gonna do some crazy gardening FRIDAY (tomorrow) because I'm getting into town Tonight and will have a lot to do...

But I'll be leaving town Friday afternoon.

You can text me if you wanna do garden stuff again and maybe we can find somewhere to put sorrel. We have to choose somewhere good, though, as it's perennial.