So my mom's married (to an Awesome guy!), I've got great grandparents, I did another henna gig and Two more appointments at River City, and all of that happened over the course of Two days.

I've been busy.

It's Tuesday now, so I'm at Twin Oaks enjoying a quick romp on their speedy 'net connection. Acorn's internet is shut down due to bandwidth overload - our lovely tech guys are working on a solution... the options aren't too great out in the country though.

I biked to Twin Oaks this morning, and the ride was beautiful as always. Luckily the angry dogs weren't out this time - I always worry I'll get mauled if they catch me. Them's angry dogs. I've been making hammocks all day, and yesterday I shipped seed orders most of the day. One customer that I shipped to lived on Ketchemedoggie Road. Pretty applicable considering my bike ride this morning. Ha! I love the random hilarities of life.

How are you?

<3 Joan