My green tip from IdealBite told me today that sugar is the only thing humans are Born craving. I believe it.

While I was in Michigan I had the Least amount of sugar ever in my life. I had very few sweets, one chocolate bar to stretch over every 2 weeks, and a tiny bit of honey in my tea. That was it. Bread was sparse as well. This normally wouldn't phase me... or I wouldn't Think it should, but...

I craved sugar that ENTIRE 7 weeks. It is my Only addiction.

Anyway. Here's a link to today's IdealBite - check it out. I know some people who have broken themselves of sugar addictions and are happier and healthier. I'm working on drastically rationing it out of my own life, and I know it'll do me good.

At the very least, if you wanna remain a sugar junkie, read the tip and start buying organic.